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  1. RATs Spread Via Fake Skype, Zoom, Google Meet Sites

    Zscaler’s ThreatLabz discovered malware spreading SpyNote RAT to Android and NjRAT/DCRat to Windows

  2. Evasive Panda Targets Tibet With Trojanized Software

    ESET researchers said the attackers strategically leveraged the Monlam Festival, targeting individuals associated with Tibetan Buddhism

  3. FBI: US Ransomware Losses Surge 74% to $59.6 Million in 2023

    Ransomware losses in the US rose by 74% to $59.6m in 2023, according to reported incidents to the FBI

  4. Governments Eye Disclosure Requirements for AI Development Labs

    AI scientist Inma Martinez predicts governments will start requiring ‘frontier’ AI labs full disclosure on the purpose of the tools they are developing

  5. Ransomware Attackers Leak Sensitive Swiss Government Documents, Login Credentials

    Sensitive data from Switzerland government departments were leaked by the Play ransomware group after an attack on Xplain, including classified documents and log in credentials

  6. Former Google Engineer Charged With Stealing AI Secrets

    Alleged Chinese spy Linwei Ding is accused of stealing proprietary IP from Google

  7. Hundreds of Rogue Users Added to Unpatched TeamCity Servers

    Security experts warn of mass exploitation of critical TeamCity vulnerability

  8. TA4903 Phishing Campaigns Evolve, Targets US Government

    Proofpoint said TA4903 adopted new tactics, including lure themes referencing confidential docs and ACH payments

  9. Linux Malware Targets Docker, Apache Hadoop, Redis and Confluence

    Cado said the payloads facilitated RCE attacks by leveraging common misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities

  10. EU Agrees 'Cyber Solidarity Act' to Bolster Incident Response and Recovery

    The EU has agreed new rules to strengthen cyber incident response and recovery across member states, encompassing closer cooperation mechanisms

  11. Cyber Pros Turn to Cybercrime as Salaries Stagnate

    The UK’s Chartered Institute of Information Security warns that many professionals are prepared to moonlight for cybercrime groups

  12. Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom Used in New Trojan Scam Campaign

    A new threat actor has been observed by Zscaler distributing remote access Trojans (RATs) via online meeting lures

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