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  1. New Cloud Attack Targets Crypto CDN Meson Ahead of Launch

    Sysdig said the rise of the Meson Network in blockchain signals a new frontier for attackers

  2. Three-Quarters of Cyber Incident Victims Are Small Businesses

    Three-quarters of cyber-incidents Sophos responded to involved small businesses in 2023, with attackers’ main goal being data theft

  3. Lawmakers Slam UK Government’s “Ostrich Strategy” for Cybersecurity

    An influential parliamentary committee claims government short-termism is exposing the country to ransomware catastrophe

  4. Victims Lose $47m to Crypto Phishing Scams in February

    Some 57,000 victims lost $47m in phishing scams targeting their cryptocurrency last month

  5. Magnet Goblin Exploits Ivanti Vulnerabilities

    The threat actor uses custom Linux malware to pursue financial gain, according to Check Point Research

  6. BianLian Threat Actor Shifts Focus to Extortion-Only Tactics

    GuidePoint said the threat actor gained initial access via vulnerabilities in a TeamCity server

  7. NSA Launches Top 10 Cloud Security Mitigation Strategies

    The advisory is associated with ten companion cybersecurity information sheets detailing how to implement each strategy

  8. Third-Party Breach and Missing MFA Contributed to British Library Cyber-Attack

    A British Library report found the most likely source of the incident was the compromise of third-party account credentials and no MFA was in place to stop the attackers

  9. Telemedicine Business Owner Faces 20 Years For $136m Fraud

    Nurse practitioner pleads guilty to $136m Medicare fraud plot involving her telemedicine companies

  10. Russia’s Midnight Blizzard Accesses Microsoft Source Code

    Threat group APT29 is using secrets stolen in an earlier attack to compromise Microsoft’s internal systems

  11. Dropbox Used to Steal Credentials and Bypass MFA in Novel Phishing Campaign

    Darktrace reveals a novel phishing campaign where attackers leveraged legitimate Dropbox infrastructure to steal credentials before bypassing MFA

  12. UnitedHealth Sets Timeline to Restore Change Healthcare Systems After BlackCat Hit

    UnitedHealth said it expects Change Healthcare’s key systems to be restored by March 18, amid reports it paid a $22m ransom to BlackCat

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