Infosecurity News

  1. US Sanctions Predator Spyware Maker Intellexa

    The US Treasury has designated individuals and entities associated with Predator spyware developer, Intellexa

  2. GhostSec Evolves With Website Compromise Tools

    Cisco Talos uncovered two new tools developed by the group: the “GhostSec Deep Scan tool” and “GhostPresser”

  3. South Korean Police Develops Deepfake Detection Tool Ahead of April Elections

    With a claimed 80% efficiency, the new AI detection tool will be used to inform the police during criminal investigations

  4. ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Servers Go Down

    Speculations about the shut down range from a potential exit scam to a rebranding initiative

  5. American Express Warns Credit Card Data Exposed in Third-Party Breach

    American Express has informed customers that their credit card details may have been compromised following a breach of a third-party merchant processor

  6. Ukraine Claims it Hacked Russian MoD

    Ukraine’s military intelligence service says it hacked and stole sensitive documents from Russia’s Ministry of Defense

  7. TeamCity Users Urged to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities

    JetBrains says on-premises TeamCity servers must be upgraded to mitigate two new bugs

  8. Self-Propagating Worm Created to Target Generative AI Systems

    The researchers developed a worm, dubbed “Morris II,” which targets generative AI ecosystems through the use of adversarial self-replicating prompts

  9. Hacktivist Collective NoName057 Strikes European Targets observed developments in the group’s DDoS tools, including updates enhancing compatibility with different processor architectures and OS

  10. TA577 Exploits NTLM Authentication Vulnerability

    Proofpoint warned the method could be used for data gathering and further malicious activities

  11. Predator Spyware Targeted Mobile Phones in New Countries

    Despite being exposed to human rights violations, the Predator spyware continues to be used across the world – including in new countries

  12. Securing Perimeter Products Must Be a Priority, Says NCSC

    UK’s National Cyber Security Centre warns of dangers of insecure perimeter products

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