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  1. Drugs and Cybercrime Market Busted By German Cops

    German police have dismantled the country’s largest underground marketplace: Crimemarket

  2. Biden Warns Chinese Cars Could Steal US Citizens' Data

    President Biden warned that connected vehicles built in China could be used to steal sensitive data of US citizens and critical infrastructure

  3. Five Eyes Warn of Ivanti Vulnerabilities Exploitation, Detection Tools Insufficient

    Government agencies from the Five Eyes coalition said that Ivanti’s own tools are not sufficient to detect compromise

  4. UK Home Office Breached Data Protection Law with Migrant Tracking Program, ICO Finds

    The Home Office failed to assess the privacy intrusion of the continuous collection of migrants’ location information in breach of UK data protection law, according to the ICO

  5. Pharma Giant Cencora Reports Cybersecurity Breach

    The breach was discovered on February 21 2024, according to an SEC filing published on the same day

  6. Savvy Seahorse Targets Investment Platforms With DNS Scams

    Infoblox said Savvy Seahorse uses fake ChatGPT and WhatsApp bots to lure victims

  7. Dark Web Market Revenues Rebound but Sector Fragments

    Chainalysis study of crypto flows reveals darknet markets made $1.7bn in 2023

  8. US Government Warns Healthcare is Biggest Target for BlackCat Affiliates

    The US government advisory warns healthcare organizations are being targeted by BlackCat amid an ongoing cyber-incident affecting Change Healthcare

  9. TimbreStealer Malware Targets Mexican Victims with Tax-Related Lures

    The maker of the Mispadu Trojan started distributing a new infostealer with financial lures to Mexican users, Cisco Talos found

  10. Biden Bans Mass Sale of Data to Hostile Nations

    A new presidential executive order attempts to prevent the mass sales of personal data to countries like China and Russia

  11. FBI Issues Alert on Russian Threats Targeting Ubiquiti Routers

    The routers were hijacked to steal credentials, proxy traffic, and host phishing pages and custom tools

  12. 34 Million Roblox Credentials Exposed on Dark Web in Three Years

    Kaspersky reported a 231% surge in compromised accounts from 4.7 million in 2021 to 15.5 million in 2023

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