Infosecurity News

  1. US Government to Investigate Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

    The US government will investigate whether protected healthcare information was breached in the Change Healthcare ransomware attack, and if the firm complied with HIPAA rules

  2. Google Paid $10m in Bug Bounties to Security Researchers in 2023

    Google revealed it paid $10m in bug bounty payments to more than 600 researchers in 2023, with the highest single payment being £113,337

  3. Fortinet Patches Critical Bug in FortiClient EMS

    Fortinet has released security updates to fix several critical vulnerabilities in its products

  4. Meta Sues Former VP After Defection to AI Startup

    Meta is suing one of its former executives for stealing sensitive documents before leaving the company

  5. Investment Scams Grow, 13,000 Domains Detected in January 2024

    Netcraft said the domains were found across 7000 IPs in January, a 25% increase from December 2023

  6. Cloud Account Attacks Surged 16-Fold in 2023

    Red Canary said cloud account compromise detections rose 16-fold in 2023, becoming the fourth most prevalent technique used by threat actors

  7. New Research Exposes Security Risks in ChatGPT Plugins

    Salt Security discovered GPT flaws affecting plugin installation, PluginLab and OAuth

  8. Google to Restrict Election-Related Answers on AI Chatbot Gemini

    The new restriction to Google’s AI chatbot was first implemented in India, which holds elections in April, before being rolled across other nations

  9. Single RCE Bug Features Among 60 CVEs in March Patch Tuesday

    No zero-day vulnerabilities to fix in this month’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday

  10. Nearly 13 Million Secrets Spilled Via Public GitHub Repositories

    GitGuardian claims the number of secrets exposed via GitHub has quadrupled since 2021

  11. Study Reveals Top Vulnerabilities in Corporate Web Applications

    Kaspersky said access control weaknesses and failures in data protection accounted for 70% of all flaws

  12. US Intelligence Predicts Upcoming Cyber Threats for 2024

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has unveiled an unclassified version of its Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community

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