Infosecurity White Papers

  1. Secure Coding Culture Playbook

    The relationship between developers and security is changing so that both can create secure applications painlessly.

  2. How to Scale PKI and Certificate Management in Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Operations

    Get the practical guide to managing decentralized PKI in a zero-trust, multi-cloud world.

  3. NCSC Cyber Essentials Guide

    In this guide, you will learn why following the NCSC recommendations helps mitigate the risk from common cyber threats, how you can engage with the Cyber Essentials scheme and the ways Jamf built-in capabilities can simplify the implementation of security guidelines.

  4. The Crew: Finding Your Specialist IAM Advisory Committee

    A slick read with the underpinnings of a heist movie.

  5. State of Machine Identity Management Report 2022

    Download the report to get in-depth analysis on how organizations manage their machine identities and what challenges stand in the way.

  6. Six Foundations of Data Privacy Regulation

    Download this whitepaper from HANDD to gain to learn what the six most commonly discussed regulations are and how they serve in the who-what-when-where-how and why of data governance.

  7. How to Capitalize on Market Growth in Network Security

    In this white paper, find out how to maximize your opportunity as a Network Security Solutions Provider through partnering with Avnet Integrated and Dell.

  8. Data Discovery - The Foundation of Any Compliance or Regulatory Obligation

    Download this whitepaper to gain insight into datas invaluable role in todays businesses, why it is the key to building consumer trust and how government regulations keep organisations accountable.

  9. Stay GDPR Compliant with Data Discovery

    Download our whitepaper, How Businesses Can Stay GDPR Compliant With Data Discovery, featuring everything you need to know on how to be GDPR compliant.

  10. The Definitive Guide To Data Classification

    Read this guide to learn what classification is and why it is important, even foundational to data security

  11. European Industrial Infrastructure Cyber Threat Perspective

    Read our whitepaper from Dragos to learn the reasons why they believe that the European Industrial Infrastructure is under threat from adversaries.

  12. 2022 Cofense Phishing Intelligence Trends Review - Q2

    In Q2 of 2022, the phishing threat landscape was impacted by several factors. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

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