Infosecurity White Papers

  1. Last Line of Defense Against Ransomware

    Ransomware is everywhere, and it’s not slowing down – read about what should strategically be in place to ensure that your data is full protected.

  2. The Difference Between Insider Risk and Insider Threat

    Threats and risks, they both sound dangerous, but they are not the same, and companies who manage risk effectively can minimize threats.

  3. Businesses Need Managed File Transfer

    Compared to using a variety of standalone FTP and SFTP tools, MFT technology allows professionals to streamline how data is transferred. This helps organizations do things like send and receive files in their cloud and private networks, create and control workflows, and automate transfers.

  4. Defending Data Against Ransomware

    Learn how to protect your data, even in worst-case scenarios, with this white paper that talks through benefits of software and hardware precautions to take. With increased occurrences in cyber-attacks and ransomware crime, it’s never been more important to ensure your critical data is protected.

  5. NIS2 - What is it and how it impacts cybersecurity

    NIS2 is an EU directive adopted by the EU parliament in November 2022. It aims to protect critical infrastructure within the EU from cyber threats and to achieve a high level of security across the EU.

  6. Secure Enterprise Network Traffic Against Modern Cyberthreats

    Learn how to effectively protect enterprise network traffic from file-based exploits and attacks with ICAP content inspection.

  7. Using Managed File Transfer to Secure Your Cloud Data

    This white paper examines the pulse of the cloud, from why companies are leaving on-premise operations to the state of today’s cloud security and file transfers.

  8. Insider Risk - How Prepared Are You?

    Learn the four stages of insider risk maturity and what you can do to protect your business.

  9. How to make the best security investment for your organization

    The SIEM Buyer’s Guide discusses the pros and cons of standalone SIEM platforms versus converged SIEM Solutions and how to make the best security investment for your organization. You will discover the advantages of modern SIEM platforms and why you should include SOAR and UEBA in your security operations.

  10. What Is The NIS 2 Directive and What Does It Mean For You?

    Risk Ledger’s report on the new European Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) highlights the key differences between NIS2 and its previous iteration, and explains what businesses have to do now to prepare for its adoption ahead of its 2024 implementation deadline.

  11. The State of Security: Finance

    This Risk Ledger report on ‘The State of Security: Finance’ provides insights into the current state of security among suppliers to the financial services industry, based on data from over 200 organisations.

  12. The Blueprint For Protecting Critical Systems

    This guide outlines the five top tips to guarantee the most appropriate OT security strategy for providers of essential services, to ensure they maintain their responsibilities for maintaining service continuity and providing effective protection for their critical resources, processes and facilities.

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