Infosecurity White Papers

  1. Digital Rights Management (DRM): Taking File Transfer Security to Another Level

    In this white paper, learn how your organization can benefit from the transparency and security built into digital rights management (DRM) and managed file transfer (MFT) tools.

  2. Modernize Endpoint Protection and Leave Your Legacy Challenges Behind

    Download this eBook to gain insights into protecting your workforce at the endpoint no matter where you are.

  3. Pipedream Chernovite's emerging malware targeting Industrial Control Systems

    Read our complete analysis on CHERNOVITE and the PIPEDREAM malware and receive actionable guidance on what you can do to mitigate risk from cyber-attack.

  4. What Is Data Classification And What Can It Do For My Business?

    This whitepaper considers what data classification is and what it can do for your business.

  5. How to Build a Layered Defence to Combat Advanced Phishing Threats

    Traditional email security is NOT enough. Download this whitepaper to discover how to build a layered defence to combat advanced phishing threats.

  6. Modern Bank Heists 5.0

    Download the report to access a depiction of the evolving threat landscape which organizations must defend against collaboratively.

  7. An Intelligence Perspective on Insider Threats

    An Intelligence Perspective on Insider Threat & the Unique Role It Plays in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Environments.

  8. 6 Steps for Protecting Your Company

    Download this whitepaper to learn how to register and protect your domain

  9. BEC: Tactics and Trends of the Most Costly Email Threat

    Read this whitepaper to learn what to do when engaged with real threat actors, how to potentially recover assets, ways to mitigate threats and more.

  10. 7 Ways Policy-Driven Automation Helps With The Security Skills Shortage

    Learn why policy-centric automation is the antidote to the worsening cybersecurity skills shortage

  11. Steps to Get Ahead of Insider Threats

    This report provides a deeper dive into today’s top risks and provides a roadmap for minimizing risk through better intelligence, process and technology.

  12. Polymorphic Phishing Attacks: 5 Insights to Help Stop Them

    Threat actors are evolving quickly and modern day attacks are more complex and sophisticated. Learn why intelligence and human reporting + AI are a MUST.

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