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  1. The Top Five Ecommerce Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2021

    In 2021, ecommerce will continue growing rapidly, and so will related cybersecurity threats

    1. Photo of Kristina Tuvikene

      Kristina Tuvikene

      Freelance Writer

  2. Risk Evaluation and Management in the Age of the Connected Supply Chain

    Many orgs require a change of mindset in their approach towards cybersecurity

    1. Photo of John Ejiofor

      John Ejiofor

      Founder and editor of Nature Torch

  3. A Guide to Choosing a Hosting Platform for Your Business

    The pros and cons of hosting options

    1. Photo of Daniel Moyanda

      Daniel Moyanda

      Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Thought Leader

  4. WhatsApp Chaos: Time for a Comprehensive Data Security and Privacy Law?

    WhatsApp hit the headlines with the launch of its new terms and conditions

    1. Photo of Shinie Bentotahewa

      Shinie Bentotahewa

      Cyber Security Researcher, Cardiff Metropolitan University

    2. Photo of Chaminda Hewage

      Chaminda Hewage

      Associate Professor in Data Security at Cardiff Metropolitan University

    3. Photo of Dr Jason Williams

      Dr Jason Williams

      Dr Deputy Dean, Learning and Teaching School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University

  5. New Ethical Concerns in Online Privacy and Data Security

    Companies should be more responsible in how they handle customer data, and customers should be more careful about the info they share with brands

    1. Photo of Joseph Chukwube

      Joseph Chukwube

      Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Blogger

  6. The Future of Govt Engagement in Open Source Technology and Crowdsourcing

    Knowledge must be shared for it to expand with the help of a community, and this is exactly what open source does

    1. Photo of Suryansh Mansharamani

      Suryansh Mansharamani

      Student, Developer, Bug Bounty Hunter, CTFer & Freelance Writer

  7. A Case Against CVSS

    The CVSS standard has become a blight upon enterprise security

    1. Photo of Henry Howland

      Henry Howland

      Security Analyst & Tech Enthusiast

  8. The Great Authentication Gap: How Password Habits Differ Across Generations

    We all, to some extent, assume older people are less knowledgeable about technology

    1. Photo of Misan Etchie

      Misan Etchie

      Experienced blogger, tech enthusiast, technical writer and digital marketer

  9. Becoming the Enemy: How Ethical Hacking Changes Your Outlook on Security

    How does understanding the offensive side of the cyber playing field change how you perceive security?

    1. Photo of Jason  Johnson

      Jason Johnson

      Co-Founder and Penetration Tester

  10. How COVID-19 Tilted the Scale in Favor of VPNs

    VPNs have become a must-have for remote workers to do their jobs during the pandemic

    1. Photo of John Ejiofor

      John Ejiofor

      Founder and editor of Nature Torch

  11. Principles of Effective Cybersecurity Wargames

    Why use wargames (or ‘serious games’) as an educational mechanism?

    1. Photo of Peadar Callaghan

      Peadar Callaghan

      Serious Game Designer

    2. Photo of Amy Ertan

      Amy Ertan

      PhD researcher at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at Royal Holloway

  12. Two Cybersecurity Threats Retailers Should Watch Out for During the 2020 Holiday Season

    Unless a retailer understands how these attacks work and how to preve them, it will affect sales.

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